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Gift Cards & Promotions

Raleigh massage Spa offers gift cards and gift certificates for you. You will offer your loved one the best gift to express your love, or express your friendship or gratitude to a friend or colleague.

Raleigh massage gift card is a gift that goes with everything.

membership card


Everyone found the importance of getting regular massage and benefits of that for health and wellbeing. Raleigh massage has a best and the most affordable membership plan for clients who likes to get massage in regular basis. We tailor our membership plan based on each and every individual clients.   

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Massage Packages

Beside membership massage package at Raleigh Massage is another great way to save on your massage sessions. Massage package is great for clients that they have a busy life and there is a possibility that they may not get a benefits of monthly massage in regular basis.

Wellness Series

Wellness Program

Raleigh massage offers you the best wellness program including massage and stretching. You can meet the best version of you through Raleigh massage wellness program. We are here with you every step of the way.

Wellness Series


Raleigh massage is partner with best practices and Spas in Raleigh, NC. We offer you the best and top rated practices and Spas in Raleigh, NC. We carefully monitor their activities and clients rates and satisfaction with them and we delist them if we get any bad feedback about them from our clients.