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Raleigh massage tries to introduce best massage spas in Wake Forest, N.C. This website also helps clients to learn about massage and all updates about massage business for clients and their safety.

Our Services

Swedish massage is a very relaxing massage, which contains long and soft strokes to move fluids better in your body. Swedish massage relaxes muscles, fascia, and tendons. Swedish massage contains different techniques like effleurage, petrissage, rocking, tapotements. 

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage that concentrate on relaxing deeper layer of muscles. massage therapist try to smooth muscle knots with slower and deeper strokes and trigger point therapy. clients who get deep tissue massage tent to have higher level of pain tolerance. 

Corporate chair massage is the best way that you can relax your employees that they can perform they duties better in their work environment. Corporate chair massage is 10-30 minutes massage of neck and shoulders, upper and lower back to release the tension of the areas that are effected by desk jobs.

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Benefits of Getting Massage

Some Common Benefits of Massage Therapy are:

Stress reduction

With all the problems and other stresses, we deal with at the workplace, in the family, with our friends and colleagues. One day at the spa is usually very relaxing and stress-free. At times the clients claim to feel relaxed for more than just a couple of days and even a week!!

Maintain a good blood flow

Blood flow throughout the body increases as soon as the muscles and tendons are loosened. Improving the blood flow can have a lot of other positive effects on the body one of them are reduced fatigue.

Pain Management

When you work out isn’t it so painful to some specific part of your body? Like lower back or knees and chronic stiffness. You feel what you absolutely need is a soothing massage. you are right! This is what your body really needs. A professional therapist would correctly recognize the part that went through the stress and massage it well till you will be pain-free.

Toxin elimination

Elimination of toxins through the blood and lymphatic systems by stimulating the soft tissue of the surface.

Be more flexible

Massage can allow your body to have a full range of movement potential. This therapy will loosen and relax your muscles, thus increasing your flexibility.

How Every often You Need to Receive a Massage

This is question does not have an exact answer. This is always relative and it varies from one body to another and the kind of activity done by them every day. A person who does a lot of physical activity may need it more frequently than one who does a lot of mental activity and mental stress. people having different lifestyles needs different type of massages. Generally speaking, you should get a massage every once a week or two. This is ideal to keep the muscles elastic and fresh. If you have a specific problem to be treated, you should come every once or twice a week till you feel okay. But this is not something that can be recommended, you should discuss and plan it with your therapist. What do you need to know before getting the first massage If you are going to get your first massage you must be familiar with why and how frequently we should get a massage. At Raleigh massage we suggest our clients to get massage at least once every month.


Raleigh massage is a local massage spa in Wake Forest, NC. We hand pick the Best local massage therapists to provide the best services for our clients. We cut the extra expenses in our spas to be able to have the best massage therapist providing services for our great Raleigh and Wake Forest massage clients with most reasonable prices.

We Are All Massage Therapists

Raleigh massage founded and operate with massage therapists. We understand the needs of massage therapists and our great massage clients in Wake Forest therefore we are able to make best experience for both our clients and our therapists. 

Best Loyalty Program

Our loyalty program is so flexible in comparison to other massage franchises. we have many membership options and packages to make it affordable for you to keep up with your health routine and its completely your choice to select one that fits your schedule and budget


Raleigh massage always appreciate if our clients share their experience with others. if you feel you are happy with the service at your Spa please refer us to your friends and family member. We are always happy to help our clients in Raleigh and Wake Forest, north Carolina 


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