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We provide the best services in North Raleigh, Youngsville, Rolesville, Wake Forest, NC and nearby areas. We have the best therapists with +6 years experience and very dedicate to their practice to provide you the best experience with your massage session. We tailor our massage with your needs, either your goal is relaxation or pain relief, if you want to have Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, or customized massage, our massage Spa is your best choice. We also provide couples massage for clients who wants to spend quality time with your spouse, partner, friends or love one.  

Our Services

Swedish massage is a very relaxing massage, which contains long and soft strokes to move fluids better in your body. Swedish massage relaxes muscles, fascia, and tendons. Swedish massage contains different techniques like effleurage, petrissage, rocking, tapotements.

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage that concentrate on relaxing deeper layer of muscles. massage therapist try to smooth muscle knots with slower and deeper strokes and trigger point therapy. clients who get deep tissue massage tent to have higher level of pain tolerance. 

Corporate chair massage is the best way that you can relax your employees that they can perform they duties better in their work environment. Corporate chair massage is 10-30 minutes massage of neck and shoulders, upper and lower back to release the tension of the areas that are effected by desk jobs.

Hot stone massage is great way for extra relaxation. Hot stones are warm basaltic stones which works as extensions to the therapists hands. Hot stones helps muscles to relax better and therapists can perform massage more efficient.  

couples massage is the best way to spend quality time with your spouse, loved one, family, or a friend. you will share your muscles relaxation with someone you love in the same room at the same time.

Foot reflexology is a great way to heel your body with natural treatments. Feet, ears, and hands have reflect points for everywhere through out the body. feet has the map for all part of body and internal organs.

Benefits of Getting a Massage

Stress reduction

Relaxation and Stress reduction is one the most important goals to maintain our physical and mental health. Exercise and massage and bodywork can extremely help you to relax and reduce anxiety and stress.  

Maintain a good blood flow

Blood flow throughout the body increases as soon as the muscles and tendons are loosened. Improving the blood flow can have a lot of other positive effects on the body one of them are reduced fatigue.

Pain Management

When you work out isn’t it so painful to some specific part of your body? Like lower back or knees and chronic stiffness. You feel what you absolutely need is a soothing massage. you are right! This is what your body really needs. A professional therapist would correctly recognize the part that went through the stress and massage it well till you will be pain-free.

Toxin elimination

Elimination of toxins through the blood and lymphatic systems by stimulating the soft tissue of the surface.

Be more flexible

Massage can allow your body to have a full range of movement potential. This therapy will loosen and relax your muscles, thus increasing your flexibility.

Who we are

We are all therapists

Everyone in our Massage Spa is highly educated and highly experienced licensed massage therapists. Our focus is on our clients and their health and wellbeing. 

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Location of Our Massage Spa in Wake Forest, NC

1890 South Main St. Suite 100

Wake Forest, NC, 27587

(Nearby Areas: North Raleigh, Youngsville, Rolesville)

How Every often You Need to Receive a Massage

massage and healthy life

This is question does not have an exact answer. This is always relative and it varies from one body to another and the kind of activity done by them every day. A person who does a lot of physical activity may need it more frequently than one who does a lot of mental activity and mental stress. people having different lifestyles needs different type of body work. Generally speaking, you should get a massage at least once a month. This is ideal to keep the muscles elastic and fresh. If you have a specific problem to be treated, you should come every once or twice a week till you feel okay. This is not something that can be recommended, you should discuss and plan it with your therapist.