What is meant by Infant Massage

In our daily life, we are working for our survival in this world and to have a better tomorrow with more luxuries. But while doing all this we face many health problems like stress, tension, depression and various physical pains like back body pain, spinal cord pain, headache, neck pain, and many other one. So, we have a very simple and quick solution for all this problem that is ‘massage’.  There are various kind of massage given to massage client in all over the world. One of the best massages that is considered is ‘Infant massage’. Infant massage is provided in many well-known spa and massage center in all around the world. So, we are going to discuss about the importance of infant massage and benefits it gives to our body.

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Infant Massage

Infant massage is the process of rubbing an infant’s muscles and stroking infant with a particular force in a manner specially designed for them particularly. Clinical studies shows that infant massage alleviates the stress that newborns experience as a result of the enormous change that birth creates on their body. Babies have spent nearly nine months in the home of their mother which fed them and also kept them warmer. It also provides the necessary amount of oxygen and toke care of waste products and provide a gentle or smooth rocking motion to soothe them. So now in this outside world, it is completely new to them.
The infant massage itself is a two-way process between parent and child of them. The parent should adjust the speed, duration and touch of the infant massage process according to child situation. It sometimes become a dance of communication and interaction, it basically considers a dance of love and care. Studies also refers that mother or parents and child always seems in reduced stress mind state during and after infant massage therapy. It helps to enhance relationship between parent and child by much loving and caring. There is deep drop in stress and tension hormone for the baby soon after the infant massage therapy. And parent also get deep relaxation due to their baby’s happy and relaxed body nature,

There are various benefits of infant massage to a new born baby and over age babies.  Some of the benefits are as follows-

Benefits if Infant Massage to babies’ body

It helps a baby to learn to relax his/ her body
It improves and strengthen immune power of body of baby
It promotes a bonding and communication with outside world
It also helps baby to get a proper longer sleep
It helps to decrease the productive of stress and its causing hormones.
Also helps babies’ body to completely regulate digestive respiratory and very vital circulatory systems of body.
It is very much fun and relaxing for parents to massage their children.
Some recent clinical studies have showed that their some other benefits for premature infants, children with asthma, various kinds of diabetes, and certain skin disorders.
Infant massage is one of the types of complementary and alternative treatment that uses massage therapy for specially babies.

History of Infant Massage

of their children. Infant massage is one of the ancient practices used primarily or specially in Asian and pacific islands. In those cultures of this places, Touch is considered to be healthful both physically and spiritually. In year 1970, Dr. Fredrick Leboyer who is a well-known French physician who advocated natural child birth supported the interest in infant massage with publication of some his photo journalistic book on the Indian art of baby massage. Dr. believed that touch is the child’s first language and that understanding spoken language which comes long after understanding of a smooth or quit touch.
Infant massage technique was introduced officially in the United States of America in the year 1978 when Vimala Schneider McClure who is well known Yoga practitioner who also served in an orphanage in northern part of India. She also has developed a training program for instructors at the special request of child birth educators.
Various techniques are used in infant massage with different strokes specific to a particular massage therapy. In infant massage techniques, Special care is taken while treating a baby with gas and colic. Some of the strokes are known as Indian milking, which very much gentle stroking of the child’s legs. Sometimes This technique of infant massage also there which specifies Chinese techniques of pediatric massage, including massage od children which specially needed it. In Various parts of China, these forms of massage can be given by medical professionals, but parents are often taught how to do the simpler forms for this particular home treatment.

Precautions which should be taken in Infant Massage technique

It is very necessary to use caution when performing or giving infant massage in order not to injure the infant. Anyone who is completely unfamiliar with handling a baby in a proper manner must receive appropriate instruction before beginning of infant massage.

Benefits or results of Infant Massage

Many scientific studies have found Infant massage is very beneficial in growth of a child. It has been published as early as 1969 relating to the topic. Hundreds of people projects have been conducted on large scale throughout the world focusing on infant massage. Infant massage will always help the child or infant in improvement of healthy body nature and immune power. So, it over all considers good to give an infant massage in a good manner from a well-qualified and trained massage therapist to an infant.

The final conclusion

So here we can understand that infant massage is very much helpful in growth of baby. It provides a good relaxed body with also increase in immune power and circulation of blood in body. It is a good choice to give infant massage to baby

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