Know everything about Hand and Stone Franchise

Hand and stone massage are massage and spa providing agency to their customers by a well- trained and qualified Massage therapist. This franchise specialize in the very highest quality massage and spa services at affordable prices. This franchiseboast almost 400 spas throughout the US and Canada. It  was First founded by a passionate physical therapist who john Marco.  Hand and stone franchise work and serve people with a simple philosophy that is the each and every service provided to each customer should be of highest quality and comforting. May the customer comes with any kind of stress and tension in Hand and Stone Franchise, He or she must goes back with happy face with healthy nature of body.

Hand and stone Massage Franchise

It is a professional and specializes in spa providing brands. Hand & Stone has nearly 400 spas franchises all over the US and Canada. It was first launched in the year 2005 by a super therapist who was so passionate about his work, John Marco. Hand & stone Continues to offer Massage, facial, and hair removal services tailored to everyone’s needs.. The history behind the name and logo of a company is that the name Hand & stone was thought of by the founder’s son Nicholas Marco when he was only 14 years old. The name represents the clue for their very special signature service that is Hot Stone Massage. The logo tribute the indigenous people with their history of healing. This describes that Hand & Stone heals people’s pain and relieves their stress and tension.

History behind their name and logo

The name of this great massage franchise that is ‘Hand and Stone’ is given by founder’s son Nicholas Marco when he was only of 14 years. The name hand and stone represent the signature unique tool used in their signature massage that are both our hands and a small stone. They refer this name has it is sign of healing of our human body by a perfect hot stone massage.

Brand Philosophy

Philosophy of hand and stone franchise is so simple. What the hell happens, consistently deliver or provide the highest quality professional and comforting massage, facial and other services to their each and every customer at a very reasonable or affordable prices all seven days of a week. May the customer comes in hand and stone with any kind of stress, tension, depression and or any pain with him after the massage or spa he or she must goes out with being happy and healthy only. Take caring and provide all the  highest quality of services to each customer. Hand and stone also have a private room or compartment for couples so that they can enjoy their massage together.


This franchise is well-known and trusted name in massage franchise from years. Hand and stone always try to provide quality services to their customers at a very reasonable and affordable rate. Hand and stone charge only $ 59.95 dollars for a complete  60 minutes or 1 hour of massage or facial.  The most famous and well-known signature service that is Hot Stone Massage is provided to customer at only $ 79.95 dollars. These are so less rate while comparing it with other massage franchise brands.

Real Data

They are very professional and caretaking people in their field. They welcome their guests with great joy and happiness so that guests will feel so superior and they give the services to guests with giving their 100% in work, it may be a massage or be a spa. The guest leaves the head 7 stone with vanishing their stress and tiredness. They also consist of deluxe packages for VIP peoples so that they can’t have to face any kind of problem. By it, the crowd becomes less and that person can enjoy his/her massage and spa freely. Deluxe package is available all seven days of the week for their customers. There is also some reserved rooms option available for couples for their massage and spa. By it, they can have a massage together in a room and important thing is that they have their valuable privacy.
Hand & Stone always ready to upgrade them. They always take their every customer’s feedback about their services. But not only taking feedback they also implement those crucial things in their particular services. And these are the signs of a Good Brand. There is Full trained Physiotherapists team which have very well experience in their field. They exactly know how to give massage or spa to their customers so that they can gain maximum benefits from it. Consistency in quality work is seen in Hand & Stone. Therefore, they are one of the top massages and spa providing franchises.

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