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What is hot stone massage ?

Hot stone massage has been practiced in many cultures. The present type of stone massage is mostly derived from china. But for the first time, hot stone massage has been used 5000 years ago in India by Hindus. It was called Ayurveda. 2000 years ago Chinese people also used hot stones to improve the function of internal organs like digestion. It is seen to be done in African, American, Egyptian, Indian and European religious ceremonies or as a treatment of ailments. The stones even had a role to ensure health. Hot stone massage and the cold one have been used in ancient Greece and Roman hot baths and cold pools. Spanish healers used hot stones to period pain. Cold stones were used to make the bleeding slower. Modern hot stone massage became popular in the western world in 1993. It is combined with Swedish massage and other modern types of massage like tissue massage. But what causes hot stone massage being performed until now ? The major reason is its benefits.
what are the benefits of hot stone massage ?

It reduces the tension of the muscles. The warmth increases blood flow to the painful part. Even reduces the spasms and makes the movement easier. It helps to relieve the pain and improves the circulation of blood. It helps you to sleep better. Scientific studies show that massage is an alternative to sleeping drugs. Infants with 15-minute massage get asleep better and faster. They wake up actively and positively in the morning. It helps to treat who suffered from poor circulation, insomnia, fibromyalgia, stress, muscular pain, depression or anxiety and back pain. Hot stone massage decreases cancer symptoms like pain, fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, and nausea. It is more useful in combination with Swedish massage. It is perfect for those who need to boost their immune system.

How is a hot stone massage performed ?

Spa specialist would need some accessories to perform a hot stone massage :
• Flat, smooth, basalt stones: this type of stone gain from river beds and it has iron content which keeps heat.
• Warm water to heat the basalt stones: its degree should be between 120 to 145 Fahrenheit.
• Cold marble stones.
• A comfortable bed.
And this is the process of performing hot stone massage :
Depending on the symptoms, cold or hot stones will be chosen. Maybe both cold and hot stones are helpful and maybe one type is useful for treatment. In case of using hot stones, the spa therapist warms the stones in the water until their temperature will gain between 120 to 130 degrees. Hot stone massage may start with a Swedish massage to relax, prepare the body and muscles. Then the massage therapist positions the heated stones on key acupressure parts of the body. The hot stones may be positioned in the stomach, on the palms, on the face, on the chest and along the spine. If it is necessary, the stones may be covered with oil or put over a sheet. It is performed to easily glide across your skin.
The stones may be left in one place temporarily. This process relaxes and warm the muscles and prepares the body for deeper pressure the spa therapist applies to massage. The massage therapist massages the legs, back, arms and neck with and without stones along with other massage methods like Swedish massage. There are different techniques in a Swedish massage which are used also in hot stone massage; like tapping, circular moves, vibration, massaging and long strokes. If needed, the cold stones will be used during or after the hot stone massage. Using cold stones after hot stone massage calms the blood vessels and the skin. 

What should I know before being given a hot stone massage

Before preparing to get a hot stone massage, mind these points below :

  1. Do not drink alcohol or heavy meal before the massage.
  2. The spa center would ask you to complete a health question sheet. Be honest, while writing the answers.
  3. Let the therapist take enough time for treatment. The Hot stone massage takes 10 minutes to relax the body.
  4. Don’t forget to tell the spa therapist if the stone’s temperature or the pressure is annoying you. He or she can adjust the warmth and measure of pressure.

Is hot stone massage good for me

If you are in following conditions hot stone massage is not recommended :

  1.  If you had the history of heart disease or high blood pressure
  2. If you recently had a surgery and wounds or you have areas of weakened or inflamed skin or radiation
  3.  In cases like varicose veins, rheumatoid arthritis,
  4. If you got metal implants in any part,
  5. If you use drugs which thins the blood.
  6. Decreased pain sensitivity
  7. Recent chemotherapy
  8.  If you are affected diabetes, migraines and tumors
  9. And in case of pregnancy (let the spa therapist know it)
    In these serious conditions get a letter from the doctor to confirm that you are allowed to get a hot stone massage.
    By these information, we wish you a different practice of hot stone massage. Enjoy the relaxing hot stones!

6 Benefits of Hotstone Massage


Poor circulation can be the main reason for your muscle stress and overall fatigue. A hot stone massage works as intensively detoxifying and extremely relaxing. By fusing massage with hot stone, the circulatory system remains both accelerated and relaxed. These activities of the circulatory system promote the release of toxins from our body and assist the body in self-healing. During the hot stone massage, heated stones are placed at your trigger point which dilates your arteries and veins thus increases the supply of fresh oxygenated blood to your affected area along with flushing out of harmful toxins like accumulated lactic acid, etc. from our body. Muscle aches are directly correlated to our blood circulation. As our blood and lymphatic circulation improve it helps in getting rid of overall body fatigue. Improved supply of fresh oxygen is not only helpful in fatigue removal but also helps in faster recovery along with the building of new tissues.

Hot stone
Hot stone
Softening the muscles

During this massage flat, glossy, smooth, and heated stones are placed on different parts of your body such as on the spine, stomach, chest, face, palms, and feet. Masseur holds these stones on your body and may use different techniques of hot stone massage like vibration, hitting, twisting, long strokes, and circular movements depending upon the level of your muscle soreness and stress. In addition, tight muscles also relaxed and soothed by the deeply grasping heat of the stone. The combined effect prompts a state of enhanced relaxation that pushes away stress. When a hot stone massage therapist puts heated stones on your affect area then these warm stones increase the blood circulation in your deep tissue and muscle groups which results in relieving muscle pain and provides a comfortable feeling to your muscle.   

Relaxation and peacefulness

The area in which the session is performed by the massage therapist during hot stone massage is arranged to promote the feeling of relaxation and mindfulness. It is normally quiet with only the addition of soft music. The recipient can focus on themselves going deep within and take a break from daily stress and work tension. If you are a person whose muscle has become tensed due to a heavy workload at the workplace then hot stone massage can be a panacea for all your problem. In this massage hot stones are used on your stiff muscle which releases stress from your affected part and gives you a feeling of extreme relaxation. By taking regular sessions of hot stone massage, you can get rid of all the stress of your life as it provides a soothing environment with soft music. According to research in 2015, people who were suffering from abdominal and rectal problems felt less pain and stress after a session of hot stone massage.

Hot stone
Hot stone
Promotes Quality sleep

It is scientifically proved that massage can help in improving your sleep quota and different techniques of massage are used these days.But hot stone massage has been found very effective in terms of better sleep quality. If you are a person who can get sleep without taking sleeping pills, then a hot stone massage can be a natural treatment to get rid of your insomnia condition. A study suggested that massage can be fruitful for people who are suffering from insomnia. The research was done on the infants who were suffering from sleeping disorders and it has been found that everyday 15-minute session of hot stone massage aided them to sleep faster. This not only helped them to cure sleeping problems, but they were found more focused, alert, active, and happy upon awakening. And it is not only helpful in infants and adults, but massage is also found effective in older people in providing relaxation and good sleep as per review of some literature.

Reduce cancer and autoimmune disease symptoms

The hot stone massage is one of the most effective sorts of massage which can be used in treating symptoms of autoimmune disease. Your massage therapist should know about your autoimmune disease before getting a massage because in this way masseur can take special care so that you can get more benefits out of it. Hot stone massage can also treat chronic fatigue of fibromyalgia. A journal in 2002 claimed that people who were suffering from fibromyalgia slept longer with fewer trigger points only after taking a 30-minute session of hot stone massage. However, more research is required before considering massage as conventional treatment of fibromyalgia.


Hot stone
Boost mood and immunity
Hot stone

Lymphocytes or white blood cells are the major elements in our blood that protect us from pathogens. It has been found in research in 2010 that a single 30-minute session may help in boosting the number of white blood cells in the blood and increase immunity. After hot stone massage therapy, blood samples were tested in the laboratory, and decreased level of arginine-vasopressin hormone was found which helps regulate blood pressure and water retention. The heated stones are used during ahot stone massage at specific pressure points which relieve physical stress as well as mental stress. It gives you a sense of gratification and you feel rejuvenated.

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