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What is a Corporate Chair Massage?

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6 Benefits of Corporate Chair Massage?

Relief in chronic pain

These days world has been rapidly shifting towards digital mode which requires less physical activity and the long period of sitting. While our body system requires some physical activities in our day-to-day life. Most people spend their whole day sitting out on the chair while working which outcomes in muscle stiffness and soreness. A long period of sitting leads to muscle weakness and inferior desk posture. A continuous poor sitting increases the chance of muscular degradation, back pain, and injuries as well. A study done in 2011, suggest that regular chair massage results in the decrease of musculoskeletal aching and back pain. Increased range of motion is also found in people who took regular chair massages only for one month. A longer period of sitting at the workplace mostly affects our back and neck muscle group and regular habits can cause slips disk also. During chair massage, a massage therapist begins massage first targeting the large muscle groups in the back and then extends towards the neck, arm, shoulders, and lower back. Chair massage helps the muscle to elongate and stretch out deep tissue which releases muscle soreness hold in tissue. Chair massage helps you to manage chronic as well as acute pain. You can also get rid of the uneasiness of arthritis and fibromyalgia condition by taking regular chair massages.

Enhanced blood circulation

Blood and lymph fluid is very important for the proper functioning of our body as these fluids help in the circulation of nutrients and oxygen to different part of our body. Chair massage electrifies the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid into different organs. Massage has been found as effective as physical exercise in case of improving the vascular function of the body. Proper circulation of blood nourishes our different organs and brain with vital nutrients and oxygenated blood. Hence, better cognition is correlated with good blood circulation. Some early research shows that chair massage also aids in fending off cognitive disorders. If you are facing symptoms like numbness, cold feet, and cramps in calf muscles then it can be a sign of poor blood circulation. Chair massage can help you to get rid of these symptoms as this massage encourages the proper circulation of blood with the gentle pressure applied to help in the transportation of blood through narrow arteries and veins.

Reduced stress and anxiety

Chair massage is a great therapy to kick out stress and anxiety from your life which builds up on your desk at the workplace. Chair massage helps you to get relief in many ways such as reduction in physical and mental stress, decreased anxiety levels, increased focus and energy, calm your nervous system, and improve overall mental health. If you are a person who spends most of the time at the workplace then chair massage can be a panacea for your all physical and mental problems. Much research has shown that a single session of chair massage calms down your fight-and-flight response which gives you a feeling of deep relaxation. Chair massage has been found very effective in various techniques of massage to increase endorphin hormones in your blood which soothes muscle and mind and provides the utmost feeling of satisfaction. Studies suggested that a 15–30-minute session of chair massage is very efficient in the reduction of blood sugar and cortisol levels. It is now becoming a trend that many offices offer chair massage to their employees which not only increases productivity but also helps in building trust between employer and employees.

Enhanced immune system

It is well-known fact and scientifically proven that massage has a great impact on our immune system in a positive way. Chair massage increases the production of white blood cells or lymphocytes in the blood which are responsible for attacking outsider pathogens and provide security from them. Chair massage gives an instant warmth to your body which helps in flushing out toxins from your body which results in boosting the immunity system of your body. Massage therapy can be an excellent option if you are seeking an easy and simple exercise to boost your immunity even at your workplace. During achair massage, our blood system increases the production of white blood cells which gives us natural protection from diseases. Massage therapy not only provides you a vibrant immune system but also makes you energetic and productive all day long.

Better sleep and cognition 

Our human body is also like machines that require a rebooting period after a long period of work. In this way only we can work better at the workplace and can easily achieve our goals in a very healthy way. Various studies have shown that the people who receive daily chair massage spend a good nightlife and have the recite deep sleep which results in the better restoration of our body and mind. Chair massage provides us a deep feeling of relaxation, relieves muscle soreness, and reboots our mind which makes us ready to tackle next-day challenges in a very effective manner.

Chair massage not only provides us better sleep but also helps in getting rid of symptoms of many other disorders that are associated with poor sleep such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain, headaches, and migraine. Massage stimulates the release of serotonin and dopamine which gives us the utmost feeling of happiness and boosts our mood. It has been found that the people who regularly get chair massage therapy were more focused with better cognition power as compared to those who didn’t take massage therapy.

Improved physical health

Chair massage is performed on the chair with more focus on the upper body whereas it benefits the overall body as in table massage. Continuously working on the desk can cause serious problems of repetitive strain injury and everyday people can face neck, shoulder, and back pain problems. Chair massage provides flexibility and breaks tissue that holds soreness in the muscle which helps in relieving muscle tension and stave off the incidence of chronic muscle injuries.
Chair massage helps people to loosen their muscle and joints which makes easier people move freely. It unbinds the connective tissues and muscles which increase the range of motion and liberation of gesture. Chair massage was also found fruitful for athletes as it encourages the recovery rate at a faster pace and increases performance at the field.