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Benefits of getting massage

Some common benefits of massage therapy are:

  • Stress reduction

With all the problems and other stresses, we deal with at the workplace, in the family, with our friends and colleagues. One day at the spa is usually very relaxing and stress-free. At times the clients claim to feel relaxed for more than just a couple of days and even a week!!

  • Maintain a good blood flow

Blood flow throughout the body increases as soon as the muscles and tendons are loosened. Improving the blood flow can have a lot of other positive effects on the body one of them are reduced fatigue.

  • Pain Management

When you work out isn’t it so painful to some specific part of your body? Like lower back or knees and chronic stiffness. You feel what you absolutely need is a soothing massage. you are right! This is what your body really needs. A professional therapist would correctly recognize the part that went through the stress and massage it well till you will be pain-free.

  • Toxin elimination

Elimination of toxins through the blood and lymphatic systems by stimulating the soft tissue of the surface.

  • Be more flexible

Massage can allow your body to have a full range of movement potential. This therapy will loosen and relax your muscles, thus increasing your flexibility.

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How every often you need to receive a massage

This is question does not have an exact answer. This is always relative and it varies from one body to another and the kind of activity done by them every day. A person who does a lot of physical activity may need it more frequently than one who does a lot of mental activity and mental stress. people having different lifestyles needs different type of massages. Generally speaking, you should get a massage every once a week or two. This is ideal to keep the muscles elastic and fresh. If you have a specific problem to be treated, you should come every once or twice a week till you feel okay. But this is not something that can be recommended, you should discuss and plan it with your therapist. What do you need to know before getting the first massage If you are going to get your first massage you must be familiar with why and how frequently we should get a massage. At Raleigh massage we suggest our clients to get massage at least once every month.

The following instructions we should keep in mind before our first massage.

  • Drinking habits

All we should drink before therapy is a lot of water. Alcohol. consumption is not advised. It is said that alcohol consumption before therapy may increase the adverse effects it causes in many folds. “Your best bet is to be hydrated not tipsy”.

  • Sunbath

Sunbath before a massage should be avoided right away. There is a chance that your skin may get sunburns due to exposure to direct sunlight. Sunburn is usually touch-sensitive. So you might not want your therapist to rub your sunburnt skin.

  • Getting sick

When you are not feeling well or if you get sick with an infection or a cold, it’s better to have a rain check. Having a massage when you are sick might spread your infection to a different part of the body. Apart from that you also have a risk to infect your therapist with you! So it’s best to reschedule your appointment.

What is Swedish massage

This is one of the most preferred massages in the spa. It is similar to aromatherapy. The therapist starts it with application of oil on the body. Carrier oils like jojoba or almond oil is preferred to apply in the body. It us applied in long vertical strokes, this relax the superficial muscles. This is a light massage. People find this soothing and relaxing. A typical Swedish aromatherapy lasts for 40minutes for the back and neck and 90 minutes for the whole body. There are various techniques to do this. Some movements like kneading, rolling and striking the skin with a light sweeping action are some of them. They relax the whole body that might make you fall asleep on the table. It is usually started by back and neck and then moved on to limbs, arms , hands and at times feet are also massaged. This also includes a relaxing head massage. In this, your scalp is massaged like an Indian head massage or Champissage. Usually, people are scared to have it thinking that it hurts but it is a superficial massage. Unlike the other deep tissue massages, this is not painful. It is relaxing. But make sure you do not forget to mention the therapist about any kind of physical problem or issue you have. This also has a wide range of therapeutic benefits. It relaxes you by reducing stress or detoxifying your body.

What is a deep tissue massage

While the Swedish massage is used to relax the muscles, this is done to treat musculoskeletal issues or sports injuries. It involves a lot of pressure application. The strokes used in this are slow, deep, short. The deep strokes are applied to target the inner muscles and the connective tissue. This promotes faster healing. It improves circulation and decreases the rate of inflammation. This is done in case of both physical and physiological usefulness. Unlike other massages, it is not used for relaxation. It is used in treating muscle cramps and stiffness and breaking up of scars. It also has mental benefits. It is useful in many health conditions like fibromyalgia, plantar fascitis, high blood pressure sciatica, and tennis elbow. Comparing Swedish and deep tissue massage Both Swedish and deep tissue massages ate two different types of massages. They have some strokes in common but all other features and benefits are different. This is how they are different from each other.

  • Intended use:

Deep tissue massage is mainly used for muscle stiffness and deep tissue repair while Swedish massage encourages the relaxation of both the muscular and the mental tension. This is usually useful for people with a lot of mental stress like sitting in front of a computer for a long time.

  • Pressure:

Swedish is a gentle form of massage that is done superficially. Deep tissue usually reaches for the deeper muscles and the blood vessels. Both these types use palms but the deep tissue can also need the use of elbows for more pressure. Swedish massage and deep tissue massage are very popular among Raleigh massage clients.